Prancing Pony Pottery is Anna Marie Torre Wright’s studio which focuses on creating wheel-thrown and hand-built stoneware that can be enjoyed every day. Each piece of pottery is individually crafted, fired, and then glazed by the potter in her Richardsville, Virginia, studio. Since each piece of Prancing Pony Pottery stoneware is hand-made by the artisan, your item will be a one-of-a-kind piece of pottery that you can use and enjoy every day!

Stoneware pottery has a wonderful feel and heft to it. Food seems to taste better when eaten from hand-made pottery; tea a little warmer when sipped from a mug that was hand-formed just for you. Glaze colors can run the gamut from a translucent blush over the clay’s surface to intense tones with a lot of depth. Many of Prancing Pony Pottery’s pieces are glazed in earthy hues over a clay body that has a lot of character.

All Prancing Pony Pottery stoneware is created using lead-free glazes and most pieces are dishwasher-safe.