Wall Pockets

Pottery for your walls – how awesome is that!? My stoneware wall pockets are perfect for small spaces that might not accommodate framed prints or paintings, and are well-suited for areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, porches or sun rooms.

Each stoneware wall pocket features a fully-glazed interior that will hold water for fresh flowers or herbs if desired.

Enterprising customers with limited space have used wall pockets to hold toothbrushes, makeup brushes or similar items in their bathrooms to keep their sinks uncluttered, as well as storing fresh-cut herbs in the kitchen.

Stoneware wall art doesn’t have the same kind of ‘rules’ as traditional pottery, such as plates or mugs. So the potter gets to play with shapes and textures, giving them a more organic look and feel. Every piece is individually handcrafted by the potter, making each one distinctly one of a kind.

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